Understanding Components

This page will inform you the deference between materials and component options.


Primary Sleeving Options
I offer 2 different materials for primary sleeving:

  • Paracord - Nylon based fabric sleeve
  • MDPC X - Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) Sleeve

Paracord is a nylon sleeve made from a tight 32 strands of nylon woven together to create the sleeve. As Paracord is made from fabric, it is not out of the realm of possibility for it to fray. That is why clients generally use a secondary sleeving to protect it (discussed below). Using a paracord based sleeved will also result in a softer, more flexible final cable.

MDPC X is a PET (think plastic) sleeving which is only made in Germany. The general consensus is the MDPC X is a more premium sleeving which is indeed quite significantly more expensive than paracord. As MDPC X is made from plastic, it doesn't NEED a secondary sleeving for protection and single sleeved MDPC X creates a very clean aesthetic on your cable. MDPC X is both stiffer and springier than Paracord and is great for coils.


Secondary Sleeving Options 
The secondary sleeving consists of techflex's PET Sleeve. it is made from the same material as MDPC X but has a much looser weave resulting in the primary sleeving colour kinda peeping through the techflex. As this layer goes over the primary sleeving, the colour of the secondary sleeving will the dominate colour of the final cable. For example White techflex over Blackest black MDPC X will look white with a greyish black undertone. Only when you look carefully will you see the primary sleeving is black.


Triple Sleeve - Shimmer
While this option is called triple sleeve, this sleeving actually goes over the primary sleeving and under the secondary sleeving. Shimmer is a shiny opalescent sleeve which is akin to the reflectiveness of fish scales. Clients will need techflex over this layer as it also needs protection during daily use.


Chew-B Sleeving Options
Chew-B sleeving options are basically a tiny version of paracord which can only fit 1 wire compared to the 4+insulation of the pararcord. 


Detachable Connectors
Detachable connectors are the connectors that allow client to disconnect the cable closer to the keyboard, rather than needed to unplug the USB A plug from the PC.

I currently offer 2 different types of detachable connectors:

  • GX16 Aviators
  • FEMO Connectors

GX16 Aviators are a fatter connector which connects via pushing the two halves together and secures via screwing the device side to the host side. 

FEMO connectors are thinner and longer compared to the GX16. They connect and disconnect by a push/pull mechanism. The FEMO also has a self locking mechanism to secure the two halves.

The determining factor when choosing which connector to go with comes down to aesthetics and price rather than function.


Heatshrink is a polyolefin shrink used in 3 main areas on the cable. 

  1. Over the USB Connectors (USB C/USB A/Micro USB/Mini USB
  2. Under the Detachable Connectors
  3. On the detachable connector as an accent. 

There are school of thoughts when choosing which colour heatshrink to use. Firstly, clients would choose a similar colour to the connector/cable so that it compliments the configuration. Secondly, client would choose a contrasting colour to the overall look to create feature points which draws the eyes.


Now that you understand what each option on the selection page does, you can now proceed to each product build guide for a detailed walkthrough of each configuration page.


CNC Aluminium USB Housing Upgrade
This upgrade swaps out the standard thin USB housings covering which is covered and protected with heatshrink, to a nice Metal USB housing. I don't actually believe it's aluminium, it's much too heavy and sturdy to be aluminium. This upgrade is purely aesthetic and doesn't actually provide any functional difference to your Truly Chewyie Experience.