About Me

Who is Chewyie? 

Hi! My name is Chewyie, and I'm based out of the sunny city of Brisbane Australia. During the day, I work in tax consulting - using my trusty Matrix 3.0 and Dolice. Come nightfall, I'm actively interacting with the Australian custom Keyboard scene and making beautifully handcrafted custom cables for all that are on their journey is set-up endgame. 


How did you start Truly Chewyie?

I started Truly Chewyie after joining this hobby back in 2021 during the pandemic. I wanted to have an endgame set up but ordering a custom cable was so confusing and expensive. So after ordering my first cable, I realised that maybe I could have a hand at making them myself to meet my own needs and to match my own set up - so that's exactly what I did. Then suddenly others started to ask me to make cables for them and it just grew from there. 


 What is Truly Chewyie?

Truly Chewyie is a purpose lead custom cable brand. Our purpose is: to design and create your perfect cable, and to create with only the utmost quality in mind.

I wish to provide the only the best quality to my clients. This is why I only stock cerakoted connectors as they're the best and most durable and elegant coating on the market.

Truly Chewyie isn't a profit driven brand but rather a purpose driven one. I rather satisfy the client with their dream cable even if it means incurring significant costs myself. This is why I do not charge extra for additional connector accents or MDPC-X sleeving, even though it can cost up to x10 more than some paracord. That is why I'm also so willing to bring in to sleeving colours as requested as my purpose is to create that one perfect cable for you.

Please feel free to contact me if you want some help designing a new cable to reach endgame - like a truly Aussie, I'm always down to have a little chin wag.